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monitor adjustments
  • Hello,

    I recently bought a Samsung 24" monitor to use for web building and photo editing. I am using it with a Toshiba Satellite S50D laptop. Windows 8.1. (Wanted it to give my eyes a break)
    I have not been able to get the color adjusted on the monitor anywhere near a real life color. As on the Toshiba screen. The Samsung screen is way too vivid! and I have not been able to turn it down enough to make it real. Their support doesn't help at all. I am about to return it but would rather get it going.
    I would like to try a download of drivers for the monitor, BUT, I think a driver would install into my computer and screw up the existing monitor!?
    So can't see that as an option. Can a driver be installed directly into the monitor?
    Would I be better to try another brand for more realistic colors? If so, does anyone have suggestions. The monitor cost $230 and I can't afford any more.

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