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Feral drives 'Grid Autosport' port to iPhone and iPad with 'console-quality' visuals
  • The iOS release of "Grid Autosport" is said to be a "console-quality" racing game, retaining both the gameplay and the visuals the game has on other formats, including game consoles and desktops. The vast majority of the original game is included in this mobile version, which has been given a light treatment to make it more suitable for playing on an iPhone or iPad.

    The game features over 100 cars from a number of different classes, including touring cars, hypercars, single-seaters, drift, and endurance GT cars. Each of the vehicles can be driven across any of the 100 circuits and routes available from the game's numerous locations.

    The core of the game comes from its career mode, where players have to take part in various disciplines, ranging from the aggressive touring car championship to endurance events, from street races to the control-based tuner events. Players can join and switch teams, earn sponsor rewards, and compete against rivals in different race series.

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