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  • The Apple TV's software is also up to date.

    Here's the issue: all photos properly synch amongst the iPad, the iPhone and the Apple TV. This synching works perfectly! The problem is Photos have not synched since early November. I have left the iPhone and iPad plugged into power with wifi enabled on both devices for hours....but won't update. indicates I have 1.8 gig of free space and the photos since early November are only a couple of mb at the most.

    It seems strange to me that would be out-of-date but all of my devices are in synch.
    Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should try? I considered turning off "iCloud Photo Library" then restarting it as some people have mentioned, but this gives me a warning "photo and videos that have not been fully downloaded will be removed from this device", so I didn't want to try this before getting your advice. Can I somwhow delete all photos and videos on (but not on the devices), then re-synch one of the devices with

    Please Help.

    Thanks !

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