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Apple TV 4 on tvOS11 Problems
  • Its been a while now since tvOS11 came out and last week it got an update. Previously when I first installed this tvOS11 update on my two Apple TV4's, I had a lot of problems.

    The main problem was lag and I never had this issue on the previous latest tvOS10.2.2. When I would click on computer on the main home screen, then tv shows, there would be a spinning icon on the screen that sometimes would never stop. I would have to go back to the home screen again.

    Sometimes it does stop but after a long wait. Then when I click on a tv show to play, same thing, spinning icon and long wait. I wonder if its from all the meta data it has to find now with all those episode thumbnails and descriptions. Does anyone else have this trouble of very slow navigation though?

    Please Help.

    Thanks !

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