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Reason 10 problems on High Sierra 10.13.4?
  • HI,

    I updated my OS to the recently released High Sierra version 10.13.4, but ever since then I'm experiencing occasional but rather frequent performance hiccups in Reason 10. The DPS meter will suddenly max out for no apparent reason and the system will freeze up for 10 seconds or so. The "computer too slow to play song" warning will often accompany these irregular occurrences. I have noticed that the problem is often provoked when one of the A-List drummer devices are being used, but at other times I can use these devices just fine. I had no issues with A-List drummers on earlier macOS versions, but I honestly don't know what the culprit is. Anyone else having similar problems with Reason's CPU usage since the latest High Sierra update?

    Please help.

    I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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